Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cowboy Day

The 4-year old classes at preschool have quite a few special dress up days, and today was the first. It's Cowboy Day! I'm not sure what all they will be doing, but hopefully I will hear all about it this afternoon. Lola and I had a great time finding her an outfit yesterday. She didn't want to wear the bandana around her neck, so we cut it in half and tied them in her pigtails. She was really excited to see how everyone in her class was dressed.

Hooray for Cowboy Day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

What HAVE they done to the living room????!!!!!

Let me attempt to explain this mess. Last week, the kids and I had a stomach bug. It started with Deacon, then Lola, and then they so lovingly passed it to their mother.
I don't DO the stomach bug. I almost always have it in my power to avoid throwing up. This is my third pregnancy in 5 years, and it had been about 8 years since I had thrown up. Until this week. It was miserable. Luckily, we have great family members who took care of my kids for an entire day while I was laid up in my bed, achy and delirious. I didn't leave the confines of our bedroom for over 24 hours.
SO, to explain the picture, we had washed all of our linens and when they came out of the dryer, Lola built a ginormous fort out of them. What a mess. Dean and I finally got a lot of the house cleaned yesterday. Hallelujah!
Now that we are better, here are some recent pics.

Sick little Deacon man.
Can you tell he likes to say "cheese" for the camera?
She wanted me to take one of her, too.
We love our wagon!
Sharing her tricycle-how sweet is that? I think Santa will be bringing a big-girl bike!
"Cheese" again. Attempting to eat cereal and milk....out of a Dora sandwich holder.

We are so glad to be well again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

First Day of Preschool - 2009!

Lola has been at Sugar n Spice Preschool since she was one. She was exactly Deacon's age three years ago when she started there. At the time we had no daycare at all-our family helped out and we worked around eachother's work schedules. It was such a relief for her to be able to go somewhere and learn while being in a Christian environment where she was so well taken care of.

First Day as a Dynamite Dinosaur!

Sending Deacon at this age is a whole different "ball game." (For me.) He has never been left anywhere except for with family. He is a big time "mama's boy" because I have been with him at home almost every day of his little life. But, I need to work. And having a few hours twice a week where I can sleep allows me to work the nights before. And, the child is social. I am confident that he will make friends, just like Lola did. I just really didn't want to leave him. But we both survived.
First day as a Tiny Turtle!
Strapped in-ready to go. Hurry up, mother.
Lola's teacher is very experienced with this age group. The curriculum for the 4 year olds is a "kindergarten readiness" program. I am excited to see what she learns!
Deacon's teacher is very sweet. I hung around outside the door until he quit screaming-which explains the quality of this picture. He is the 2nd kid from your right. The teacher was blowing bubbles and he seemed to like that.
My kids are getting so big! And to think, I get to do this one more time. We are blessed by God.