Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Heart My Husband - He's a Good Person

It is about 1:30 am. Dean got called around 12:45 that something needed to be done at work, and there was no one to do it. So he went and did it. Even though it's not his job. For the second time tonight. Earlier he went to fix a computer that crashed. He's just a really stellar guy. If it was me, first of all I wouldn't have answered the phone. Secondly, I would have turned it off after I knew who it was calling me. He was about to go to bed, and has to be there at 8 in the mornings. He's just a good person. He cares about his job not just because it is a paycheck, but he cares about the quality of work that gets done.
Also, you should see the spotlessness (is that a word?) of Lola's room. He cleaned it with her after he got home from work the first time tonight. Did I mention it's Sunday? (Monday) Anyways, All him. So not me. He's a good cleaner.
Here's a picture of us last year in Vegas. I love him.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am NOT Mother of the Year!

Last week and the week before were very challenging for me as a mom. And as a person. I can't pinpoint the exact day that it all started, but everything seemed to spiraling out of control. To start with, I was VERY tired. For those of you who don't know, I work nights. Usually 7pm to 7am. During the week I leave early at 1am, come home, feed Deacon, usually get to sleep by 2:30 or 3, get up and feed Deacon again between 5 and 7, go back to sleep, and get up with Lola usually around 8 or 8:30am. I used to get a nap those days in the afternoons, but lately it is virtually impossible to get the kids to sleep at the same time. Sometimes I turn around and go back to work that night. It finally caught up to me.
At the same time, Lola started behaving very "unbecomingly." This is not typical, she is usually a really well-behaved kid. All of the sudden, every bottle of shampoo, lotion, conditioner, NAIL POLISH, etc, became her toys. She also enjoys shredding paper towels and toilet paper, and drawing on paper plates. She made a couple of attempts to physically harm her little brother. Then there was the "Play-Doh incident" that you will all remember.
None of my efforts to discourage this kind of behavior were working. Not even positive reinforcement for when she DID do something great or helpful. The corner, time out, loss of priveledges, taking away toys, and spaking (as a last resort)........nothing worked.
The thing about three-year-olds is that they can't always express what they need. They can say what they WANT, like juice, a snack, to watch a movie, a new toy, to go to the park, etc.......but they can't always verbalize their needs.
"Mommy, I need to to pay more one-on-one attention to ME." "I need more outlets to express myself and have fun."
This is what Lola's terrible behavior was trying to say.
Lola's mother was so tired and frazzled and worried about having a dirty house that I didn't recognize this.
So, this week, instead of basking in my unrelieveable state of exhaustion, we have had playdates. Twice. Our new "hangout" is the mall playground with our friends. Then we walk the mall, window shop a little, and eat some Chick-Fil-A. Also, I have let Lola do more "arts and crafts" as she calls them, which involves tearing up paper and gluing it to paper plates, or drawing on paper and making "cards." Most importantly, I have made every effort to spend individual time with her and positively reinforcing everything she does. It has really made a difference. She has only put one thing in her hair: mousse. And guess what? My house doesn't look any worse than it did before. The biggest and best change is that she seems more like a happy and fulfilled child.
Please pray for all of us that things will continue to go well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Polar Express

Saturday we went on a "Polar Express" train ride! Here are the kids beforehand in their matching Christmas jammies. Please excuse Deacon's bed-head. He had just woken up.
Lola, Dean and Deacon with the conductor!

They play a recorded version of The Polar Express on the train, serve cookies, and sing carols. You ride out to the "North Pole" and Santa gets on the train and rides back with you. Lola had a great time, and Deacon would have too if he had known what was going on. Why does he always try and look so angelic in pictures with the kids?
We all know better....
These next 2 are my favorite pics from the night.
Isn't that sweet?
I have a lot more posting to do and will try to get to it ASAP.
Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Day of Firsts!

Deacon has done several new things the last 2 days! First off, he has been feeding himself in his high-chair. In addition to his pureed vegetables, he eats green beans, peas, and puffs. He is getting really good at picking up small pieces and putting them in his mouth. Last night I gave him a sippy cup with water and he did okay with that too.

Then, as I was straightening up the kitchen, he was scooting around the living room floor with Lola. When I walked back in there, this is what I found:

He had pulled himself up onto the step stool!

He drools about like this all day. He is a teething machine!
One more thing: this morning he dropped his pacifier onto the floor, and I heard what sounded like a first word come out of his mouth: "Uh-uh." (Uh-oh.) Which was Lola's first word too, besides "Daaadddeeeee." I will try to catch video of him saying it next time.
I could find other things to say, but I must take my nocturnal self to bed now. Goodnight!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Election Day - Scrapblogging!

I recently came across, a free online scrapbooking site. You can create as many pages as you want, print them, or save them to your computer.
So, here is my first scrapblog page, about the election.

PS-Sorry if anyone took offense to my post about play-doh. It was a really bad day. I really do love my kids.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I HATE Play-Doh!

This is the mess that has been left for me alone to clean up, and it is ALL OVER my kitchen. After a particularly long few days with little sleep, I am not happy about this.
Most of it would be easy to clean without all the little pieces of dried play-doh.
And wet play-doh.
PLEASE DON'T EVER BUY MY KIDS PLAY-DOH!!!! The evil thing about little kids is that they act really sweet and wonderful for other people, and like little devils for their parents. Even if Lola plays nice and cleans up after herself at your house, SHE DOESN'T AT MINE! Even with toys and priveledges taken away, this is a daily battle for us. It is probably the one thing in my life that I absolutely CANNOT stand.
SO, I will ask again, please never ever ever buy my kids play-doh. Or markers for that matter. You will run the risk of me snatching it out of their little hands at after they have opened it and throwing it in the trash, most likely causing them to cry. You don't want my kids to cry, do you?
Then don't buy them play-doh.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seven Months Old!

Deacon turned 7 Months yesterday, November 1st. He is still the sweetest little boy in the world! He loves his family - he smiles when he sees any one of us and has started reaching for Dean and me. He recently started crawling - almost. It's still more like a scoot, but he can definately move himeself around now. His top two front teeth also broke through a little over a week ago. Everything goes in his mouth!

Here he is practicing his scoot
Today I took him outside to play and take a few pictures. He loves going outside.
"Sweet, I get to play in the grass??!!!!"
Watching the leaves fall...
Everything into the mouth!!!

This is my new favorite picture of him.
He is just absolutely adorable.

This was so funny....Lola was dressing him up in her costume. She even had him hold her wand. He didn't seem to mind. Poor kid needs a brother!

C'est L'halloween

Our Halloween festivities began last Wednesday, when Lola and I made cupcakes for her class.
On Thursday, she wore her costume to school and they had trick or treating to all of the classrooms.
Friday we spent the morning waiting for my mom and Rich to get here, and I listened to the following: "OOhhh mommy they are never going to get here! When is Nana coming??? AAArrrggghhh I wish they would hurry up....." etc, etc, etc..... Excuse me, am I parenting a 3 1/2 year old or a 14 year old?
Anyways, Friday afternoon we cleaned house and got the kids ready for trick or treating. I took Lola to Dean's work in her costume, and then we came back home and got Deacon ready.

Lola as Abby Cadabby
Deacon as Superman
Say Cheese!

I guess you could say Nana was our "subject"- I painted her face, sprayed her hair purple, and gave her a witch hat. Lola made her wear a pair of wings!
A great time was had by all trick or treating until Lola had a melt-down and we came home.
Later that night.............
We went to a party with Dean and Kyle's work friends.

Dean and I were Shaggy & Velma from Scooby Doo.
Funny Story: Dean went and bought me the actual "Velma" costume with the wig outfit, and glasses. I was so flattered that he thought I could fit into it that I didn't even get mad at him for buying something I could never wear!
We had a great time.
Joyeaux l'halloween!