Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Silly Kids

Lola wanted me to take pictures of she and Deacon together since they were both wearing "jammies with feet" tonight. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Several things are on my nerves right now. So much so, that I feel compelled to share. This is just my opinion. We can still be friends/relatives if you disagree with me.

#1) The 100 year flood.
We weren't here for the flooding that took place 2 weeks ago, thank goodness, because I have heard it was pretty bad. What annoys me about it is that parts of Lubbock are down right DISGUSTING from it, still. Specifically the parks. We went to the park on Wednesday it it was so NASTY! The benches and picnic tables are covered in a dirty film, it stinks, it was just GROSS! Clean up, Lubbock!

#2) Mosquitos
An unwelcome side effect of all the rain we have gotten. Even Deacon has mosquito bites, and he is hardly ever outside! They are out day and night, warm weather and cool weather. GROSS!

#3) The Economy
Now that the US stands on the verge of a recession, let's bail out all the stupid banks and stupid companies who made stupid decisions. I'm pretty sure I could support my family for the next 100 years on the severence packages that the CEO's of Fanny and Freddie are going to get. (I'm speculating, I really have no idea about their severence packages.) Several months ago, back when we started paying the same price for a gallon of milk that we were paying for a gallon of gas, many senators, presidents, and other people who are supposed to be really smart said that the economy was FINE. Well, that's because the economy always seems great when you are a millionaire. Funny how you never hear from working class people on the news who are actually feeling this in our wallets - maybe it's because we're AT WORK.

#4) My House
My house is in a perpetual state of mess. I pick up when there is a spare moment, but those moments are few and far between. Besides, when I do have a free minute, I might need to shower, brush my teeth, etc........

That's all for now.
I feel much better.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Little Baker

Last week, my mom gave me and Lola some halloween themed cookie sprinkles. Then, we found her a mini halloween cookie cutter set. So, she has been asking for several days to make halloween cookies. Though some may say it's too early for Halloween decorations and such, I like to ring in most holidays early and celebrate them for as long as possible. (My Christmas tree goes up on or before November 15th.) We finally got down to our cookie making tonight.

Lola rolling the dough, all by herself!
Our shapes-we used bats, cats, pumpkins, ghosts, moons, and owls.
The finished product!
Happy Early Halloween!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trip to Dallas

We made it back late Wednesday night. It was a long trip, but a good trip.
For those of you not pictured that we got to see, we had a wonderful time with you - Summer, Cory, Ray, Shauna, Chris, Mike, etc.....I hope I didn't miss anyone! Thanks for taking time out to spend with us.

We visited my mom's work. Everyone there was SO nice and welcoming. Nana, Lola and Deacon at Nana's desk. Lola and Kelli-Mom (Dean's Mom) had a fabulous cupcake party!
She had red cheeks because she had just come back from "Sir's" Park.There is a difference between "Sir's" Park and "Kelli-mom's" Park, but you will have to ask Sir about that. :)
Papa (My Dad) and Deacon
Siblingly Love-

Me, Bradley, Hillary

Sir (Dean's Dad) and Deacon

Lyndsey (one of my BFF's) and Deacon
Deacon in a sink bath
Playing in the high chair
Dean has always had a thing for aviator goggles.....so why not put them on your baby?
Lola watched DVD's the whole way there and back, with headphones. That DVD player was one of the best purchases we have ever made.
Little man in his swim outfit-it's for next summer but it fits now. :)
Deacon checking out the waterfall with Daddy.
Lola remembered a lot of what she learned at swim lessons!
Deacon belly-surfing on the waterfall.

Several people were meeting Deacon for the first time! (There may be more pictures of him in this post for that reason.)
Leslie (my cousin) and Deacon

Aunt Greta (my aunt) and Deacon
Scott (my cousin) and Deacon
Aunt Hillary and Deacon-not meeting eachother for the first time, just chillin' out together.
The Friday thru Sunday that we were there, Lola went to Tampa, FL with my Dad and Michelle. Yes, I let her go on an airplane without me. She has traveled a lot with her grandparents since she was very little, and she really wanted to go. I missed her, but we talked on the phone every night and she picked out some seashells for me!!! Since she was about one she has spent weekends away with both sides of our family, because they would call and ask if they could have her. She is very close to all of her grandparents (all 9 of them including great-grandparents) and they have all proven themselves trustworthy in our eyes.
Hopefully I will have some pictures of her Florida trip soon and I can post them.
Lola was really excited to get back to preschool! We are all back in the swing of regular life.
Monday morning I am flying back to Dallas briefly to attend my great-aunt's funeral and I will be back early Tuesday. Other than that, everything is normal around here.
Ta-ta for now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conversations with Lola Part Two: "A Beautiful Man named Dean"

While we are in Dallas, Lola is taking a 2 day trip to Florida with my dad and Michelle. We were painting her fingers and toes last night, getting all beach ready. This is the conversation we had.
Lola: "When I grow up, I'm going to live with Andrea and Kyle." (Dean's brother and sister for those who don't know.)
Me: "Okay. But don't you think that they will be married and have kids by then, and you might get married too?"
Lola: "Who do you get married to?"
Me: "To the person that you love."
Lola: "Well, I love daddy."
Me: "I know, I love him too, but he is already married to me."
Lola: "Why?"
Me: "Because that is who God made for me to marry."
Lola: "How did you find such a beautiful man named Dean?"
(I almost died of laughter, it was so cute)
Me: "You are so funny."
Lola: "My daddy is sooooo handsome!" (giggling)
This was the cutest thing she has said in a long time. She says LOTS of blogworthy things, but I just had to share that one. Here's more pics from the last week or so before we go.

Just a bunch of crazy Myatts eating breakfast for dinner.

Packing? Why do that when you can sleep? Such a pretty baby. Toes now go in the mouth!!! Lola was watching the "Doodle-Pops" (as she calls them) and I laid Deacon on the bed next to her to run and get my tea. When I came back, they were both watching the "Doodle-Pops!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Teething Bites!

As I mentioned recently, Deacon has had 2 teeth break through. Either they are still pushing their way out, or he has some others about to break through, because he has been very grumpy the last 3 days! Usually he is the happiest, smiliest baby. Yesterday I could not leave his sight or he would scream. It was a fun day. Hopefully today will be better. Here are some random pictures from the last couple of weeks that I haven't posted yet.
Just being cute

Lola's "clubhouse" made of kitchen chairs, my afghan, the highchair, and her tray.

Lola likes to "rock" Deacon in the rocking chair.

This is the face she usually makes when she is talking to Deacon. :)

Deacon loves his toes!
Laughing at his sister
Lola chose to wear a hoodie this day, even though it was 95 degrees outside. I let her pick her clothes if we are staying in for the day.
We are leaving for Dallas tomorrow night and will be there for a week. I should have lots of pictures when we get back. Please pray for us to have a safe and easy trip. Until next time,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day as a Zany Zebra

Lola was so excited this morning for her first day of preschool!

This is the 3rd year that Lola has attended Sugar n Spice preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This year she is in Mrs. Mendoza's Zany Zebras. (Last year she was a Buzzy Bee, and her first year she was a Cuddly Kitten.)

Here is Lola sitting in her chair at the table. When they first get to school, they color and play for a few minutes before class begins. I guess they have to wear nametags until the teachers learn all of their names. There are a lot more kids in the 3 year old classes than there were in the 2's.

She didn't have any trouble when I left. She gave me & Deacon ad hug and kiss and was fine when we left. Lola did so well this morning in part because her one of her best friends, Ella is in her class again. They got on the floor and started playing together almost immediately.
Deacon and I had a very nice day napping, playing, and watching coverage of the atlantic tropical storms and the republican national convention!

Monday, September 1, 2008

5 Months Old on Labor Day!!!!!

Our sweet little chubby nugget is 5 months old today! He can sit by himself like a little tripod for a couple of minutes at a time, and then the weight of his belly pulls him down, or he gets tired and tips himself sideways. He is trying to sit up by himself, maybe by 6 months he will.
Here's a sideview of the tripod.

He still loves his exersaucer and tries to put all the little gadgets into his mouth.

Today Lola played cars with him - sort of. Mostly he watched and chewed on a car. He doesn't take his eyes off of her when she is in the room. He thinks she is hilarious!
Saturday night Lola and I made brownies, and she and I "licked the bowl!" We always did that when we were kids. :)

Last night my mom was keeping the kids and Lola was still up at around midnight. (She has been going to bed late this last week.) She told my mom and our friend Terri, "Sometimes when I get up in the middle of the night, my mom lets me color." Yeah right............
Tomorrow is the first day of preschool! Look for pictures of that soon.