Friday, October 23, 2009


Taking a shower after his haircut.............

The finished product.

Friday, October 2, 2009

There's a Light at the End of this Tunnel

Am I going to jinx myself by saying that? I sure hope not. It feels like we have been sick forever. I started having symptoms of the flu last Monday. Deacon got it Thursday night. It was the worst "sick" I can remember being my entire life. I made Dean take me to the hospital-usually I would just tough it out, but I couldn't do it anymore! Poor Deacon.....he would wake up with fever and be shaking so bad! He hasn't had fever since Saturday, but he still has a bad cough. My cough is almost gone. We are all on Tamiflu, so hopefully that will keep Lola and Dean well! Then there was the stomach flu from 3 weeks ago, Dean cutting his hand, I cut my foot.....seems never ending.
I did get my flu shot, but it was only 6 days before I started to feel bad. Usually it takes two weeks for immunity. We may have had H1N1-we don't know. I can't stress enough how important it is to get your flu shot this year. Even if you are wary of vaccines, don't like needles, etc......IT IS NOT WORTH getting the flu. There are two strains present-the regular flu, and H1N1-which is just another type of Influenza A-but STILL! Two kinds of flu out there! And one has gotten a lot of people down before it's even cold outside! One more thing-to test for the flu, they will stick a long wire with cotton on the end in your nose and beyond-and it HURTS. That alone may be worth getting your flu shot. Off my soapbox now. I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and we got some really good face shots.

Fetus the Third


Lola sleeping at 6 weeks old-I think all my kids look the same when they are sleeping.

Deacon asleep at 4 days old.
(I have one somewhere of him that looks more like the other 2 but I can't find it.)
Please pray for us to stay well. We are all tired of being sick and stuck in the house! Thanks.