Friday, February 27, 2009


Lola is grumpy, grumpy girl when we wake her up for school and church. Ironically, when we let her wake up on her own, it is usually early and she is happy and ready to start the day. Go figure!
What a sad face!
That's better!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Baby Parade

My kids are so much fun right now! They enjoy each other and will play for awhile everyday. Actually, it is Lola playing and Deacon follows her around, but they are both having a great time.
When I take a shower, I put Deacon in his pack'n play, which is in our bedroom. Lola stays in the room with him also. Today when I came out of the bathroom, she announced that she was "making a float for the baby parade." She took every blanket and pillow she could find in the house and put them in and on the pack'n play.

Deacon and Lola and the "float"
Deacon enjoyed the baby parade!
This girl is so silly!

Friday, February 20, 2009


I am not an animal person, really. I don't really care for little dogs, and I HATE loud, annoying dogs that bark all the time and jump on you. I like big dogs and cats. Hamsters, turtles, and other "housepets" creep me out. Even looking at Lola's goldfish while I am cooking grosses me out.

However, one of my new favorite websites is - it is pictures of (mostly) cats with captions on them. For some reason, I can almost pee my pants from laughing so hard when I read it. Anyways, here is one that was on there today. So funny. Check it out.

funny pictures of cats with captions

more animals

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where There's a Will, There's a Child!

Sweet, sweet Deacon. Where do I begin? I haven't blogged lately because this little fella is keeping me on my toes. He is standing and reaching things that he shouldn't be. He also has started showing A LOT of personality. I don't think he's going to be the quiet, reserved "baby of the family." He has already figured out that he and his sister have to share toys, and even if she tries to share with him, he won't have it. He wants the WHOLE toy to himself, and lets out the loudest screeching scream you have ever heard!
Of course he is still sweet and precious too. He waves "hi" and "bye," stands up, claps his hands, and gives hugs. He hugs his sister when they wake up from naps.

Here are some pics of Lola at the same age. Oh yeah, Happy late Valentine's Day! Remember when I only had one kid and I had time to pose her and take her picture just for holidays? Not so much anymore. Sorry.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's to You, Little Brother

Happy Late Birthday, Bhoov! I wanted to tell you over the phone, but you didn't answer. (weird, huh?) So instead I made you some delicious deviled eggs and took a picture of them so you would know how much effort I put into your birthday.
Just kidding, these are the ones we made last Christmas that Hillary and I dared you to eat in 5 minutes without puking, and you ate them! And never puked to my knowledge. Anyways, its been a delight having you around these last 25 years.
Here are some interesting things about you my incredibly huge blog audience should know.
You can drink more Red Bull than anyone else I know.

You can grow lots of really long facial hair. And back hair. And once I helped you shave your back. Remember? Who's your favorite sister?

You like to make us laugh, especially around the table. When you were a kid, it was the black olives on your fingers. In this pic above, it's shrimp heads on your fingers.

You have come to stay with me several times and we always have lots of fun. Like in this pic, where I think you were trying to look like Dangle from Reno 911. You stayed with us for 2 weeks during the summer and babysat Lola and we watched tons of chick movies. Remember?

You like to sleep. During the day. Me too, bro. It's totally genetic.

You're funny, always have been. Probably always will be.
Oh, and I know you will get all mad and say "take those pictures off your blog!" and stuff and act like you don't like the attention and whatknot, but I know the truth.
Next time just answer your phone. It'd be much easier that way.
Here's to 25 more!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day

Last week we had freezing rain/sleet/ice/snow on Tuesday morning. Lola went to school on time, because people in Lubbock actually think it's safe to drive in that mess, and after school she wanted to play in the "snow."

Both kids ready to brave the cold.

Drawing in the "snow."

Snow Angels!

Deacon really wished he could go too. But that would mean I would have to go, and I have a vivid memory of cracking my tailbone on the ice one Thanksgiving as a kid. No thanks!

She would have stayed outside all day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

10 Month Old Sweetie!

This little man was 10 months old yesterday. He started clapping his hands the other day, and I have tried SO hard to get video of it, but it hasn't happened. As soon as he sees the camera he comes barreling towards me to get it, which is what he was doing in this picture. Usually he stands up when he claps. He can stand up on his own without support and stand there for a while! He takes little steps if you hold onto his hands. He also FINALLY said Mama. Its more like "Mamamamamamamama" when he wants to be fed. He is babbling a lot more sounds too. He still says "Lala" all day long though.
He is starting to show preference for things he wants and does not want. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes to dress him, SERiously. He hates to get dressed. He also would prefer to play with a cell phone, remote control, or camera above any of his toys. And he does not want the old cell phones that we have taken the batteries out of and given to he and Lola, he wants our actual phones that we use now. He got his own remote from Santa, but still prefers the real remote control. He holds it up and points it at the TV. If you do not give him what he wants, be ready for some screaming, fussing, and wrestling. He is very strong.
A few weeks ago he randomly started sleeping well at night, like 8 or 9 hours. I was going to mention it, but didn't want to jinx it, so I didn't. He has quit, and he is still waking up once, sometimes twice a night for a bottle. He refuses to nurse, so now I am forced to get up at 4, 5, 05 6 am sometimes and pump him a bottle. (I am not a morning person.)
He is overall very happy and sweet. He loves to go outside with Lola, so we are looking forward to Spring so we can go to the park!
He has 8 teeth, with another coming in, and has the sweetest smile. He loves to "pat" the ones he loves, usually in the face, so if you don't know he is trying to love you it seems as though he is smacking you. He is very sweet and definately starting to show more "boy" characteristics. I am sad that his "baby" days are coming to an end, but I know he will be such fun as a toddler.