Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Video Message From Lola

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Dean's Super Fly Ride

After much anticipation, Dean finally got his scooter put together and running. It never occurred to me that a vehicle might not have assembly instructions, but guess didn't. He put it together himself, instruction-less. Unlike the stereotypical male, he actually uses instructions and reads maps. So, it is running and he has been driving it to work. He only drives it on the streets, not the Loop or the Interstate, so he really doesn't go above 45 mph, and he always wears his helmet.
Lola is always asking if she can ride her bike with Daddy "in the street." She also wants a helmet really bad......I guess we know what Santa will be bringing her. She was REALLY excited to see him ride it for the first time. Enjoy the pics.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Terrible 2's or Teriffic 2's?

This is my new favorite picture of Lola. Even though she isn't smiling, she looks adorable. She was at the table eating breakfast, in the "innocence of the morning" - which basically means that she was in an agreeable mood and had done nothing (yet) to test Dean or I. She spends about 50% of her time the last 2 weeks trying to do things, or reach things that she is not supposed to.
Here is a funny example. Last night she was in the bath. I stepped out to get her a towel, and when I came back in, she wanted to show me how she "pours the water." So she starts pouring water from an empty shampoo bottle into the lid, and then took a drink of it. She has been told since she was old enough to sit in the bath and could reach her hand to her mouth that we DON'T drink bath water. I said "please don't let me see you do that again," to which she quickly replied "well you better get out!" Seriously, she said that to me, plain as day.
However, she is SO sweet at the same time. When she gets in trouble, she is always quick to say "I'm sorry" and she says "I love you so much mommy and daddy" about 100 times per day. She is always pretending to make "surprises" for people that she loves, and she has the prettiest little singing voice. She has an imagination with no end to it, and she can entertain herself quite well.
So, there are good and bad aspects of this phase of life, just like any other.
I will have pictures of Dean's new fly ride soon. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1st post, hmmmm..................................

Welcome to our family blog! You can come here to learn about all of the exciting things that are going in in our lives, and to see pictures! This way, we won't have to email them out all the time and they won't clog up your inbox.

Lola started back to "class" last week. She goes on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2:30. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Myrna, and all of her friends.

Dean is working hard as usual at KCBD. He should be getting his new mode of transportation delivered to the house any day now, so be looking for some pictures of that. (And pray for his safety!)

I am working at the hospital 2 nights a week in the Antepartum unit. I stay home with Lola the rest of the week. I love the night shift, I believe I was created to work nights.
That's it for now. Check back often.