Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's a............................................


Thursday, July 23, 2009

4th Of July

So, about 3 weeks ago we had a big weekend watching fireworks and such. My camera died on me and I have become a terrible blogger. I am working on it, please forgive me. My fetus is sucking the life out of me. It takes everything I have to wake up in the morning. Okay, my pity party is over now. Here are some 4th of July pics.

Deacon being tackled, trying to run away!

"Wow!" Kids in awe of the fireworks!
Deacon charming the ladies. He has a thing for grandmothers.

I guess she was trying to help him see the show better.
Yay fireworks!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deacon at 15 Months

Since I haven't done a "milestone" update lately, I figured I would do one now and then every 3 months for awhile. That way I will remember to do them the same months as Deacon's well-checks at the pediatrician.
Deacon turned 15 months on July 1st! He is very active-walking, running, and climbing most of the time. I have turned around twice to find him on top of the kitchen table. He has also started talking-his most common words are "banana" "mama" "dada" "la-la" and this week he has started saying (or shouting) "mmooooooore" when he wants more food. He can feed himself with a fork and can drink out of a straw. We have to include him in our Sonic happy hour budget now!
He is still a big boy-he wears a size 7 shoe and weighs 27 pounds! He is sleeping well through the night, and even puts himself to sleep now. We put him down when he's drowsy and he rarely cries-such a big boy!
He knows where his nose is and where his feet are, and will point to them if you ask. He loves to put on his shoes-and everyone else's. He also loves the bath. He lays back and puts himself almost completely underwater and laughs-like he's threatening to go under-it's so cute.......but I can only run him an inch of water since he's such a dare-devil now. He doesn't mind a face full of water at all!
The thing I love most about Deacon is that he is happy 99% of the time. Everyone is always commenting on how happy he is! He smiles and laughs most of the day. I am so thankful to have him!
-the lack of posting is due to my camera dying last week. We have been to a family reunion and had lots of fun on the 4th. I should get some pics that others took from those events and post them soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Trilogy: A group of three works related in subject or theme.
I like Trilogies. Here are a few of my favorites.
We watched Back to the Future a lot when I was a kid.
Didn't we all learn SO much about time travel in the late 80's and early 90's?
Super Mario Brothers, for the original Nintendo. I successfully beat all three by sometime in the early 90's.

Oh, how I loved seeing the Scream movies in the theater!
These are super great horror films, even for those who don't like horror!

What a nice looking group of three siblings!

Here's another pretty cool group of siblings.
My my, isn't their hair red?

My favorite trilogy of all time is.......................................................
My kids!
We are going to have THREE KIDS by the end of this year.

Lola Grace

Deacon Samuel
Baby #3....coming December 2009.