Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Four Month Old Rowan!

Rowan is growing and growing! Although he has not had his 4-month checkup yet, I weighed him the other day and he is 18 pounds! He laughs, cooes, and smiles at all of us now. He wants to be held most of the time, which is a challenge......but we are making it. (sort of) I was going to hold off on solids as long as possible, but this kid is one hungry dude, so I gave him his first cereal yesterday. Surpirse - he liked it! Here are some pics of our roly-poly little man, in the bath with a strategically-placed rubber duckie.

All stretched out!

"Get this duck offa me!"

He likes to stare at his hands. It's his new trick.

I love his rolls.

Precious boy. So thankful for him!


Janell said...

Jessica, I can't believe how big he is! You must be getting some great arm muscles holding him! Our 16 month old foster baby, Mika, only ways about 20 lbs, she is tiny. Your kids are absolutely precious and I love reading about them and seeing their pictures.