Sunday, April 4, 2010

Since I Last Posted....

It's busy busy around here! I have tons and tons of pictures to share. I'll try to catch up.

We moved Deacon to a toddler bed. Then moved him back to his crib when he got up 85,000 times. Since then, he has a new, special toddler bed that he is staying in a little better. Pics of that later.
Bathtime shenanigans.
Lola and Deacon spent 6 days in Dallas over Spring Break. Dean and I worked, slept, and hung out with Rowan.
They had a great trip!

Rowan turned 3 months! He is getting so big and showing a lot of personality. He prefers his parents over anyone else. Chunky baby!
It's hard to tell, but his eyes have turned the same color as Deacon's, pretty blue!
St. Patrick's Day getup
Big 3 month old boy!